Erasure – penned 2014


Away from my mind by swipes of my own hands I haul you out
Stroke by stroke, the fine memory of a straying hair
Upon your forehead

Out from the depths of past visions I force my thoughts
Iota by iota, the reminiscence of the freckles on your back
Nestled against my chest

Reflections behind my eyes dance out another memory to release
Inch by inch, the musculature of strong runner’s thighs
Toes touching toes

Dawn breaks and with it memories of you scatter like pieces in a kaleidoscope
Tumbling faintly, jagged edge against jagged edge
You are not here – erasure complete

Inspiration – my late husband, today would be our anniversary were he still alive.


Deux Estrangers Familiers – a poem that fell out upon awakening

Sharing a poem from my main blog, penned May 2014

Sunflower Solace Farm

Poetry for me is not something that I can force.  It rushes out, tethered by a phrase or imagery in the moment and must be grasped and quickly captured before its elusiveness causes a slip through the fingers.

Natural Heart Natural Heart – taken with my Nikon D100 this morning

Deux Estrangers Familiers

I want to redolently float through your inner landscape,

Collecting an emotional bouquet of your feelings

Lazily, slowly, and with appreciation of the varying scent of each of them

Who are you?  I do not know.  But you know me.

Silently I have come to you, tip-toeing into your thoughts,

You have awakened with the sound of my voice inside of your head

And the depth of my laughter is resonant within you

And I, I have awakened with your impression upon me

Like a set of sheet wrinkles softly pressed upon my sleeping brain

Slowly fading away as…

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Heartbleed Vulnerability – penned April 2014

Heartbleed Vulnerability

My heart lays upon your open palm
Thrumming palpably
As you watch through hooded eyes

I see your fingers twitch with
That power
As you weigh the pros and cons

The spot ripe for exploit isn’t found
By many
But you didn’t know that yet

Passwords to vulnerable hearts are not kept
In lists
At the bottom of a desk drawer

Time stands still as we both wait
In expectation
Since the next move is yours

There isn’t a team on standby
Ready contract
To restore the damaged infrastructure quickly

Perhaps there is a market for that
Among singletons
Since exploits make the rounds regularly

Did either of us anticipate the mess?
It isn’t called heartbleed vulnerability for naught.



Inspiration – I work in IT and found the name of this exploit out of character for the business.  Sitting at my desk one day I played mentally with a comparison with relationships.  Silly ditty, but perhaps a bit of truth in there as well.

The Shell Man – penned in 2011

For those who have served, and those yet to serve. Thank you.

The Shell Man

I met a man who lost his soul
On foreign soil in some foxhole
His thoughts and words were black as coal
As he let slip actions and places just to hear the words unfold

Body scarred and broken
But those were just a token
The mind was bled dry, as the words cracked open
As if he could erase memories from him if they were just spoken

He searched my face for…revulsion or fear
His hands shook and his voice cracked as he drew near
I was just a nameless person who entered his sphere
And out tumbled horrors, things hidden from those he held dear

I listened and marveled at this shattered man-child
Still alive after rucking in lands so wild
Wondered how I could help from inside my life so mild
So I shook his hand, met his eyes and then I just smiled

I thanked him for his sacrifice, for he is a dead man walking
His rushing flow of words were more than mere talking
And the things that he spoke would have had the impolite gawking
So I listened and listened as his thoughts he kept stalking

Everything that is good in a man, judging wrong from right
Was lost in this child somewhere in the night
He knows not whether to run, to hide or to fight
He fears he’ll no longer feel or see the beautiful and the light

He says that his soul is permanently black
And that from where he has been there is no turning back
He didn’t follow, he led, the leader of no pack
A one man terror show with just a rucksack.

How can anyone, anywhere return from this place
Without fear, without madness, marking his face
And how does one reach inside for that beautiful place
Turning darkness to light and those things begin to erase

I have no answer, no wisdom, no bandage for this
Only God can heal all the things inside that are amiss
But how can I enjoy a falcon, a sunrise, feel my natural bliss
When now I know that man-shells like this exist?

Nothing I can do or say can ease or repair
A man whose heart is so full of despair
The only wisdom I can try to dispense out there
Is that when you see a veteran, think about the burdens they bear.

Right wars or wrong wars, the choice is not theirs
Doing commanders bidding, their feelings they cannot air
Don’t mock them, or spit on them, or curse their heirs
For goodness sake, show them that somewhere, someone cares.



Inspiration: A newly discharged soldier returning from multiple Middle East tours that I gave a ride – he was heading to the VA in Memphis as he had nowhere to stay.  His story was tragic and black. I found him in the newspaper later, arrested for crimes against his family. How utterly sad.


While I have other blogs here at WordPress, I wanted to extract selected themes and present them in an uncluttered format. Some people that like my photography don’t care for my poetry, and those that care for my poetry aren’t always interested in my free form writing.

Impetuarian is a made up word – I do that often 🙂  A combination of impetuous, and the suffix -arian, which carries the meaning of ‘an advocate for’ (think…librarian) Because poetry comes to me usually in a rush, full of emotion, it seemed a fitting description for this blog.  Plus, no one owned the domain (impetuous people can be practical too you know).

This is a showcase simply for my poetry.  Comments, feedback and interaction are welcome.  Even critical ones, if you use a gloved hand and a thoughtful touch.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return again and again.


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