While I have other blogs here at WordPress, I wanted to extract selected themes and present them in an uncluttered format. Some people that like my photography don’t care for my poetry, and those that care for my poetry aren’t always interested in my free form writing.

Impetuarian is a made up word – I do that often 🙂  A combination of impetuous, and the suffix -arian, which carries the meaning of ‘an advocate for’ (think…librarian) Because poetry comes to me usually in a rush, full of emotion, it seemed a fitting description for this blog.  Plus, no one owned the domain (impetuous people can be practical too you know).

This is a showcase simply for my poetry.  Comments, feedback and interaction are welcome.  Even critical ones, if you use a gloved hand and a thoughtful touch.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return again and again.


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