Deux Estrangers Familiers – a poem that fell out upon awakening

Sharing a poem from my main blog, penned May 2014

Sunflower Solace Farm

Poetry for me is not something that I can force.  It rushes out, tethered by a phrase or imagery in the moment and must be grasped and quickly captured before its elusiveness causes a slip through the fingers.

Natural Heart Natural Heart – taken with my Nikon D100 this morning

Deux Estrangers Familiers

I want to redolently float through your inner landscape,

Collecting an emotional bouquet of your feelings

Lazily, slowly, and with appreciation of the varying scent of each of them

Who are you?  I do not know.  But you know me.

Silently I have come to you, tip-toeing into your thoughts,

You have awakened with the sound of my voice inside of your head

And the depth of my laughter is resonant within you

And I, I have awakened with your impression upon me

Like a set of sheet wrinkles softly pressed upon my sleeping brain

Slowly fading away as…

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