The Glitterati II – penned 2013

The Glitterati II

I am a snow globe container of thoughts and feelings
Shaken, not stirred
It takes time to settle back down, the new normal after life’s reelings.

Glittering glimpses of life fast forward and then back
Swirling, bouncing gently
Floating lazily to the bottom, internal me displayed like wares on a rack.

Where are you, that one, that one wanting me?
Stirred, not shaken
Intertwined is how our feelings should be.

Someone strong, but not silent, oh no that would not do
Speaking, feeling words
Come closer over here and let me see into you.

Open your heart to possibilities and let down your guard
Warmth, suffuses you
Can you understand that loving really isn’t that hard?

But don’t shake me, turn me upside down, don’t ever be rough
Appreciation, gentle affection
Perhaps we both lack, but really, we all have enough.

Alone in my head I ponder these things
Exploring, softly smiling
The best I can do is simply see what each day brings

Catch a butterfly, a sunrise, a rose glowing in the sun
Observing, fully enjoying
Examining the beauty that the timely shutter click has spun

There go the pieces, can you put them together?
Brightly, softly flowing
Do you have what it takes for us all storms to weather?

I am a snow globe container of thoughts and feelings,
Heart, fully wakened
Arms opened wide, ready for each day’s dealings.

Inspiration: A little snow globe in a store kicked off this thought pattern, bouncing around in my head while hunting down photo beauty.

Bloom from my Pinata Rose bush

Bloom from my Pinata Rose bush

Erasure – penned 2014


Away from my mind by swipes of my own hands I haul you out
Stroke by stroke, the fine memory of a straying hair
Upon your forehead

Out from the depths of past visions I force my thoughts
Iota by iota, the reminiscence of the freckles on your back
Nestled against my chest

Reflections behind my eyes dance out another memory to release
Inch by inch, the musculature of strong runner’s thighs
Toes touching toes

Dawn breaks and with it memories of you scatter like pieces in a kaleidoscope
Tumbling faintly, jagged edge against jagged edge
You are not here – erasure complete

Inspiration – my late husband, today would be our anniversary were he still alive.


Etchings – penned January 2014



Would that I could have etched my affections into the stone chambers of your heart
But how long would that have taken me, bashing against that impervious surface
More than one lifetime, which is all that I have to give, and that just a shadow left of what I once had


Would that I could have etched my name to sit upon your lips like a savored and delicate morsel
Instead of it falling from them in frustration, once or twice,
The irritation echoing like sandpaper upon my soul with deep gritty lines causing me to flinch


Would that I could have etched my reflection upon your lids each night as your last vision before slumber
Instead I was forgotten before I was even fully formed in your sight
Dismissed, discarded, disdained like yesterday’s fast-food wrappings eddying in hot air beside the roadside


Instead I was an objet’d erotica and my affections bounced off of thickened skin, never penetrating the surface
Three lifetimes would not have pierced your granite passageways
Even if I’d had possession of that treasured map


Instead my name became a hated thing within your mouth, distasteful
Anger and vitriol poured forth from those hardened chambers
Even as I turned and walked away with gentle sadness


Instead I was a distorted reflection of all the things that others have done before me
Echoing through you like a fun house mirror gone into endless replication
Even as I revealed more I felt you withdraw deeper


Etching is not permanent, it can be abraded away if the surface is soft and malleable

Your etching has fallen off of me…
Mine never gained purchase on you.


~Inspiration: First failed attempt to learn to love after widowhood