Stick to the Weight and Marrow – penned 2014

Stick to the Weight and Marrow
( Wordplay on Straight and Narrow)

Always stick to the weight and marrow they said
It will keep you out of trouble
They said
So I sought the weight
And I dug to the marrow

Oh, what a world of trouble

But what of the weight?
What of the marrow?

Is the weight the truth of it all, stripped bare,
Quivering like an oyster when its shell is jacked open
Something chilled, to swallow in haste and with a tasty condiment,
Or, like for some of us,
Never to be swallowed at all?

Is not the marrow a functionary for all things necessary for living,
Pumping out bloody things, building us up, or
Is it where feelings originate perhaps, since
One ‘feels it in their bones’
My marrow has exploded and bits of me are leaking everywhere.

Can you feel me?

But what of the weight?
And what of the marrow?

If I stick to the weight and marrow, perhaps I will
Finally get to the truth of the matter.
If so, will my bones let me know?
So I sought the weight
And I dug to the marrow.

Oh, what a world of trouble.

Inspiration – Pulled from my ‘phrase garden’ to play with. This was fun to write, even though the message is deep.

Scaffold of Words

Scaffold of Words

If you cannot feel me through my written words
Then you will never grasp me in person
For my words are the architecture of my inner most parts.
Secret things hung out to dry in front of you.

If I do not resonate with you through my written words
Then you will never hear me when I am there
For standing unguarded and wordless before you
How will you hear the things I long to say to you?

If you cannot see my inner shape through my written words
Then you will see flatness when I lay beside you
For my curves and warmth will have no depth
As you fail to give my frame flesh and heart.

If you say actions speak louder than words
Then you do not realize that words are what form actions
From thoughts, even those unbidden,
All parts of life are upheld by the skeletal scaffolding of words

Written first in our minds.


This is a new thing for me to try, recording my own poetry. It was suggested  by a friend. I would really appreciate feedback as to if you prefer to hear the poem in your own mind, with your own phrasing, or, if it is better to hear how it feels when written?

Thanks <bites nails>


Inspiration: A discussion with a friend.

Heartbleed Vulnerability – penned April 2014

Heartbleed Vulnerability

My heart lays upon your open palm
Thrumming palpably
As you watch through hooded eyes

I see your fingers twitch with
That power
As you weigh the pros and cons

The spot ripe for exploit isn’t found
By many
But you didn’t know that yet

Passwords to vulnerable hearts are not kept
In lists
At the bottom of a desk drawer

Time stands still as we both wait
In expectation
Since the next move is yours

There isn’t a team on standby
Ready contract
To restore the damaged infrastructure quickly

Perhaps there is a market for that
Among singletons
Since exploits make the rounds regularly

Did either of us anticipate the mess?
It isn’t called heartbleed vulnerability for naught.



Inspiration – I work in IT and found the name of this exploit out of character for the business.  Sitting at my desk one day I played mentally with a comparison with relationships.  Silly ditty, but perhaps a bit of truth in there as well.


While I have other blogs here at WordPress, I wanted to extract selected themes and present them in an uncluttered format. Some people that like my photography don’t care for my poetry, and those that care for my poetry aren’t always interested in my free form writing.

Impetuarian is a made up word – I do that often 🙂  A combination of impetuous, and the suffix -arian, which carries the meaning of ‘an advocate for’ (think…librarian) Because poetry comes to me usually in a rush, full of emotion, it seemed a fitting description for this blog.  Plus, no one owned the domain (impetuous people can be practical too you know).

This is a showcase simply for my poetry.  Comments, feedback and interaction are welcome.  Even critical ones, if you use a gloved hand and a thoughtful touch.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ll return again and again.


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