Humanity Leaves

Humanity Leaves

Let me leave the earth better than I found it
By wearing the leaves of listening and empathy
Growing, unfurling, receptive in form and fashion

Let me leave others more comforted than I found them
By sharing the leaves of their pain and longings
Collecting, preserving, validated in their proffering

Let me leave my children deeper than I ever was
By planting the leaves of wisdom and grace
Teaching, sharing, enunciated in my living

Let me leave my lover satiated with our life
By speaking the leaves of trust and worth
Embracing, caressing, empowered in togetherness

And when the leaves of my life cover to the top of my head
I will again return to the dirt from which I am formed
To join all of the layers of the humus of humans

Blowing and swirling gently among the other leaves of humanity.

Inspiration: A pile of decaying leaves in a bucket on my patio, and the approaching anniversary of my late husband’s death.

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