The Soliloquy of Sea Glass

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The Soliloquy of Sea Glass

Discards we are, emptied of value
Cast aside, forgotten, meaningless
Our varied hues bartered no regard
In being retained, kept or refilled.

Some shattered while some whole
Stripped of purpose, riding hither
And yon upon the global currents
Which we could not control

Our original intent was consumed
Then invalidated by our abrupt release,
That weighted existence forced
A downward path into the dark

Further indignities awaited there,
As a million sand particles dug
Into us, abrided, scratched and
Scarred; change forced harshly upon us

So we drifted in the dark coolness
Of invisibility, and we transformed.
Sharp edges gave way to softness,
Clarity muted to opaqueness

Tumbled, tossed, dragged and scattered
We were waiting patiently to return
To the light, to firm ground,
Previously the place we always gained purchase

When the day came that Sea
Delivered us up, our chrysalis time
Complete, we squinted and lay
Quietly upon the beach, spent

Who knew of the gathering and grabby hands,
The sounds of wonder from mouths
Whose lips we may have touched before,
Naming our value again, now in beaten and broken form

We began as broken vessels, yet at this moment
Sit on display in cases, in niches and frames,
Admired and desired, snatched up for our beauty,
That beauty birthed from being tossed aside

As with sea glass, so it can be also with people.


Inspiration: A fascination with sea glass; its colors, shapes and how it gets from there to here.

12 thoughts on “The Soliloquy of Sea Glass

    • Pepe! So good to see you. Any new art work? And thank you for your strong endorsement.

      The title had been in my mind for over two years. Yet, only last night did the structure appear, and then I had to wait until the reasoning was known to post it. You validate that 🙂


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